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  • South Africa Shippin

    South Africa Shippin

    Shanghai advantage of South Africa (DDP) : our company with MSK, says there, ZIM, MSC, and other shipping companies have a fixed space cooperation, can provide customers with bulk spell ark and FCL direct service. Shanghai service diversification, can provide you with food, cosmetics, electronic products, clothing, etc of the species, diversity, can also provide you with very large pieces, special cargo transportation services. Shanghai is your big cargo, low price of the optimal option

  • South Africa Air Tra

    South Africa Air Tra

    South Africa sent empty advantage (DDP) : our company with CA, ET, EK, SQ airline are closely linked, can provide you with shenzhen non-stop, Hong Kong flied to transport a variety of ways. Suitable for the production and demanding a time limitation of cargo goods. Hong Kong EK, CX, SQ, SA and other flights from Hong Kong, suitable for small goods as well as electrically charged, with liquid such as sensitive cargo transportation arrangement. Empty sent to provide you with the most optimal aging

  • South Africa Package

    South Africa Package

    Parcel freight (DDP) in South Africa:we have shipping parcel freight and air parcel freight, shipping parcel is fixed on Wednesday about the container every week, air parcel shipment every day, the company has a mature systems and support customer number, goods collection at different time to warehouse and trajectory tracking and query, resolve customer needs, service customers think!

  • South Africa

    South Africa

    [the South African customs overview 】Whether personal or business entity engaged in the import in South Africa, are required to pay import taxes and other taxes and fees. Import taxes entirely in value, namely the FOB price (FOB) is calculated. But there are some goods import taxes and fees in accordance with the value part, part according to the number of calculations. At the same time, the imported goods must also impose value added tax. Some luxury goods and daily necessities, such as perfume

  • South Africa storage

    South Africa storage

    What is South Africa overseas positions?Overseas warehouse in the establishment of overseas warehouse, namely South Africa overseas warehouse which set up a warehouse in South Africa, mainly in the service of cross-border sellers of goods storage, can also be for the seller of the products delivery, returns in the operation, such as the mark is for sellers to save transportation cost, at the same time can drop more energy and money into the operation of stores.South Africa overseas warehouse how

  • FCL booking

    FCL booking

    We usually say charter booking is chartering and booking space words here. In the process of international transport of goods and delivery, shipping mode, such as the number of goods is bigger, can rent the whole ship even more to shipment, this is the "charter"; If the cargo volume is not large, the part can lease space to shipping, this is the "booking". Booking is usually liner booking, the goods to the shipper or its agent according to their specific needs, select the app

  • South Africa door to

    South Africa door to

    Professional double qing door to door in South Africa, Johannesburg, double door to door international freight forwardersSouth Africa is Africa's second largest economy, the national have high standard of living, economy is relatively stable compared to other African countries. South Africa's finance, legal, communications, energy, transportation, more developed, has complete hardware infrastructure and the stock market, gold, diamond production all of the world's first. Deep well mi

  • Air transport packag

    Air transport packag

    Air bag plate, plate in air cargo, contracting set, is an international forwarding company with airlines sales agent contract signed between a sales agent agreement one way (or package quantity and other sales way), freight forwarder (air) of one class representative promised airlines, in one of the routes of each flight (time), ensure the delivery of one or several "plate" goods, airline will charge at the end of each piece of board, basic weight concrete under the terms of the airlin

Loading speed increases by 81.2%

Weeks loading: shenzhen, guangzhou, yiwu has proprietary warehouse receiving, according to the schedule every week outfit ark, high-speed direct transport real-time tracking query, fine control of transport efficiency.

The local customs clearance

Various high quality in our company with the South African local customs clearance service cooperation and docking can support general cargo fast customs clearance of goods, also supports special products such as batteries, liquid and powder products such as customs clearance services, exports of goods transport escort for you.

Track advantage and price transparency

Write the query system, can guarantee all day every ticket goods trajectory real-time query, otherwise the public number: mingrui freight quotation, 7 * 24 hours shipping market price 5% lower than counterparts

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